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Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Acquire skills useful in a broad range of careers, while gaining an appreciation of the true, good and beautiful.

In a liberal arts degree you gain mastery of the foundational tools of learning -  learning how to think, write, and speak well - while also receiving a deep immersion in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, literature and history. Each student can choose to major in one of these four disciplines.

The BALA is comprised of 24 units: 18 core units and 6 electives. The units a student chooses to take for their electives will determine which major (or majors) they will graduate with at the end of their degree. Students are not required to undertake a major and may choose to use their elective units to broaden their knowledge across different disciplines.  

Accelerate your degree... 

Students can stand out from other applicants competing for the same future job by completing two degrees—an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree in roughly the same amount of time as most bachelor’s degree programs. Dedicated students can pursue this pathway by completing their bachelor as quickly as 2 years instead of 3 by taking up to 5 units in semesters 1 and 2 (i.e. one unit above the standard full-time load), and completing summer and winter units subject to availability. It is a demanding pathway but it allows successful students the possibility of commencing a higher level degree (honours or masters) at the same time the majority of their peers are only entering the 3rd year of their bachelor.

Students have the option to revert to the normal 3-Year standard pathway at the end of any semester if you want to change pace.

Join a vibrant and connected learning community.

Allow yourself a

few years of strategic

general study before

narrowing down your

specialised pathway.

Once in a life time opportunity to spend

5-weeks studying at

Oxford University.

Work hard and

complete the entire Bachelor's degree

in 2 years.

Delivery Mode: On Campus  


Credit Points: 240   


CRICOS Course Code:  


Starting Semesters: 1 & 2

Admissions Criteria: 

Applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (standard track) are expected to receive a notional OP of 12 or Selection Rank of 74.

BALA Course Structure


Semester 1

THL171 - Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts

HT101 - A Map of Time: An Introduction to History

LIT101 - Great Books of the Western World I

PHL103 - Introduction to Philosophy

Semester 2

PHL100 - Logic

PHL104 - Philosophy and Science

HT102 - The West: Culture and Ideas

LIT102 - Great Books of the Western World II


Semester 1

LIT200 - Classical Literature and Drama: Greece and Rome

PHL210 - Ancient Philosophy I

HT241 - History of Christianity

CS116 - Christian Foundations for Work & Vocation I 

Semester 2

LIT201 - Medieval and Renaissance Literature

PHL220 - Ancient Philosophy II

THL190 - Early Christian Theology

HT242 - History and Theology of the Reformation


Semester 1

CS216 - Christian Foundations for Work & Vocation II 




Semester 2







THL201 - Medieval Theology and Philosophy (can count towards a Philosophy major)

THL271 - Trinitarian Theology

THL301 - Christian Thought and Contemporary Culture

THL396 - Research Project in Theology


PHL201 - Enlightenment and Modern Philosophy

PHL202 - Social and Political Ethics

PHL203 - Moral Philosophy

PHL303 - Metaphysics

PHL304 - Modernity & Secularisation

PHL396 - Research Project in Philosophy


HT212 - War and Peace: 1914 - Present

HT213 - Social and Political Movements of the 20th Century

HT256 - Holocaust: History and Memory (can count towards a Philosophy major)

HT385 - Philosophies of History (can count towards a Philosophy major)

HT396 - Research Project in History


LIT190 - Creative Writing

LIT235 - Modern Literature

LIT226 - Australian Literature

LIT216 - The Works of Shakespeare (can count towards a Drama major)

LIT346 - The Bible as Literature (can count towards a Theology major)

LIT396 - Research Project in Literature


DM120 - Introduction to Dramatic Performance

DM211 - Expressive Forms

DM220 - Advanced Dramatic Performance

DM285 - Contemporary Drama

DM397 - Research Project in Drama

LA350 - Liberal Arts Internship