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Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Course Structure

Students study classical liberal arts subjects, including the trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric and the quadrivium, which includes geometry, music and astronomy/science.  These subjects train students to write, think and speak well, and to appreciate various orders of God’s creation


Students also study history, literature and philosophy.  History and literature are covered in units called “Narrating Western Civilisation.”  These are grouped into three historical periods—Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle Ages and Renaissance, Enlightenment and Modernity—and coordinated with the three basic philosophy units.  The intentional integration of these units helps students to make associations across fields of knowledge—i.e. relating what they learn in history to what they read in literature and discuss in philosophy—training them to think in innovative ways.  Two additional philosophy units cover ethics and cultural engagement. 


Finally, the theology sequence begins with the introductory unit on faith, learning and calling, includes three units in Christian worldview, and culminates in two units on the Trinity, the ultimate mystery of God’s nature. 

Majors are available in:





Students are not required to undertake a major and may choose to use their elective units to broaden their knowledge across different disciplines.  In addition to the subjects above, the list of likely electives from which students may choose also includes: Latin, Drama, Studies in Scripture, Moral Philosophy and more.

Delivery Mode: On Campus  


Credit Points: 240   


CRICOS Course Code:  


Starting Semesters: 1 & 2

Admissions Criteria: 

Applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (standard track) are expected to receive a notional OP of 12 or Selection Rank of 74. For more information click the Apply Now button below.

Join a vibrant and connected learning community.

Allow yourself a

few years of strategic

general study before

narrowing down your

specialised pathway.

Acquire skills useful in a broad range of careers, while gaining an appreciation of the true, good and beautiful.

Once in a life time opportunity to spend

5-weeks studying at

Oxford University.

Accelerate your degree by working hard... 

Students can stand out from other applicants competing for the same future job by completing two degrees—an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree in roughly the same amount of time as most bachelor’s degree programs. Dedicated students can pursue this pathway by completing their Bachelor in 2 years instead of 3 by taking up to 5 units in semesters 1 and 2 (i.e. one unit above the standard full-time load), and completing summer and winter units subject to availability. It is a demanding pathway but successful students are able to attain two tertiary degrees .


To complete the BALA in 2 years rather than 3, students complete 5 units in each regular semester, 2 intensive units in the June-July Winter semester during their first year, as well as 1 online unit in each summer semester. 

Work hard and

complete the entire Bachelor's degree

in 2 years.

Revert to the 3-Year standard track at the end of any semester

if you want to

change pace.