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Academic Courses

The Millis Institute offers three accredited tertiary degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (BALA); a Diploma of Liberal Arts (DipLA) (available in two versions with slightly different unit offerings); and a Graduate Diploma in the Liberal Arts (with a nested Graduate Certificate for the option of early exit).  Students enrolled in the Bachelor's degree can decide to participate in a 5-week intensive at Oxford University as part of their studies.


Our degrees initiate students into a time-tested “path of wisdom.”  Advocated by figures from Aristotle to Augustine to C S Lewis, that path follows the following steps:

 4) Engaging theology ('Queen of Sciences') and special revelation:

  • culminates in the key claims of the Christian story, including the Trinity, Incarnation and the call to live out one’s faith in all of life.

 3) Contemplating truth, goodness and beauty through reason: 

  • includes history, literature, philosophy and questions about pursuing "the good life”—i.e. ethics and culture.

2) Discerning various orders in God’s creation:

  • known in the western tradition as the quadrivium, which includes  geometry, music, and astronomy—i.e. subjects that explore the physical, numerical, spatial, and musical order of the universe.

1) Acquiring the foundational tools of learning:

  •  what is known in the western tradition as the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric—i.e. learning how to write, think and speak well

As students progress along this historic pathway, they cultivate the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and understand the world in which they live, thereby enhancing the likelihood of succeeding in multiple career fields and in life. 


Don’t worry; we’ve created a foundations unit to help.  “Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts” contains shorter and more accessible readings that introduce you to the sort of thinking we pursue, texts we discuss, and questions we wrestle with in these degrees. Additionally, this is the free LAUNCH Unit for the Liberal Arts degree whereby year 11 and 12 students can get a better feel for what the liberal arts are all about while getting credit towards their degree. See here for more information.

YEAR 11 & 12


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