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Diploma in the Liberal Arts

Come for one year, then decide...

The Diploma of Liberal Arts: Foundations of Wisdom is comprised of 8 units; 2 core units and 6 electives from the 1st and 2nd year suite of subjects. Students who have completed the Diploma course are able to continue into the second year of the BALA with full credit, if they choose. The units include subjects from each of the four main disciplines of theology, philosophy, literature and history.  These subjects train students to write, think and speak well, and to appreciate various orders of God’s creation.  These units are supplemented with two Christian worldview units, including an introductory unit focusing on the relationship between Christian thought and the liberal arts.

Delivery Mode: On Campus  


Credit Points: 80   


Starting Semesters: 1 & 2

QTAC Code:                                      

DipLA: Wisdom - 094801


CRICOS Course Code:  

DipLA: Wisdom - 092840J

Join a vibrant and connected learning community.

Learn to excel in

thinking critically,

writing effectively, and speaking persuasively—skills that are helpful in almost every career.

Course Structure

Core Unit:

THL171 - Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts

Students Choose 3 from the following:

HT101 – A Map in Time: Introduction to History

HT241 – History of Christianity

LIT101 – Great Books of the Western World I

LIT200 - Classical Literature & Drama: Greece and Rome

PHL103 – Introduction to Philosophy

PHL210 - Ancient Philosophy I

Semester 1

Diploma in the Liberal Arts: Foundations of Wisdom

Core Unit

CS115 - Foundations of a Bible-based Christ-centred Worldview

Students Choose 3 from the following:

HT102 – The West: Culture and Ideas

HT251 – Survey of Ancient Civilisations

LIT102 – The West: Culture and Ideas

LIT201 – Medieval and Renaissance Literature

PHL100 - Logic 

PHL104 - Philosophy and Science

PHL220 - Ancient Philosophy II

THL190 – Early Christian Theology

Semester 2