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Want a better feel for what the liberal arts are all about?


If you’re in your final years of high school, you can enrol in the Launch Program for free. The first unit in the suite is 'Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts' taught by the Millis Institute Director, Dr Ben Myers. This unit is designed to facilitate the transition to tertiary studies by examining the relationship between faith and learning as well as the notion of calling and the liberal arts as a an approach to education.  Students who pass the unit receive automatic entry to the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts and academic credit toward their degree, saving up to $1,500.  See here for more info.

Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts

What is the purpose of going to uni?

How is faith relevant to what you study at uni?

What is your calling?

Many students enter university without first thinking deeply about the purpose of higher education. (Some assume it has to do only with getting a job, even though a majority of employees today work in fields different than what they first pursued after high school). Others choose a pathway without a sense of calling or of the role that their faith should play in their chosen discipline.

The most strategic time to consider these foundational questions is before choosing a university, which could be one of the most consequential choices one makes in life. And the best context in which to wrestle with these questions of faith, learning and calling is in a safe, trusted, Christ-centred institution of higher learning.

The content of this subject is comprised of the works of some of the wisest thinkers who have written regarding the nature of education, from Seneca and Augustine, to C S Lewis and Dorothy Sayers. Students will consider these primary sources in small-group, discussion-based seminars with the goal of forming a framework with which to analyse their own sense of meaning and purpose during their university years and beyond.

Guaranteed entry to

the Millis Institute

Liberal Arts degree

upon successful completion of the unit.

A free course for students in

Year 11 and 12.

Receive credit towards your degree.

Launch Unit

at a Glance:

Delivery Mode:

On Campus, 4pm - 7pm Mondays (subject to change).

Credit Points: 10   


Starting Semester: 1

QTAC Code: 

DipLA: Learning - 09470 

DipLA: Wisdom - 094801


CRICOS Course Code:  

DipLA: Learning - 092839B

DipLA: Wisdom - 092840J