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Paul's books include

Returning to Reality: Christian Platonism for Our Times  

De-fragmenting Modernity: Reintegrating Knowledge with Wisdom, Belief with Truth, and Reality with Being

Faith's Knowledge: Explorations into the Theory and Application of Theological Epistemology

Book Chapters


Towards a Prophetic Response to Global Financial Idolatry

Tyson, Paul (2015). Towards a Prophetic Response to Global Financial Idolatry. In Charles R. Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest and Athena O. Gorospe (Ed.), God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration and Diaspora (pp. 15-33) Mandaluyon, Philippines: OMF Literature.

Plato against Ontotheology

Tyson, Paul (2007). Plato against Ontotheology. In Conor Cunningham and Peter M. Candler (Ed.), Belief and Metaphysics (pp. 393-412) London, United Kingdom: SCM Press.

"Darkness is as light to you” on Psalms, Kierkegaard and Apophaticism

Tyson, Paul (1994). “Darkness is as light to you” on Psalms, Kierkegaard and apophaticism. In Croucher, Rowland (Ed.), Gentle Darkness (pp. 188-196) Sydney, Australia: Albatross Books.

Journal Articles

  • Tyson, Paul (2015) 'French Theology for the Philosopher of Technology', review of 'Dialectical Theology and Jacques Ellul' by Jacob E. Van Vleet. Cultural Politics, 11 2: 293-295.

  • Tyson, Paul (2015) The Politics of the Metaphysical Imagination. Critiquing transnational corporate power via Plato’s cave. Im@go. A Journal of the Social Imaginary, 1 6: 151-170. doi:10.7413/22818138051

  • Tyson, Paul (2014) The Wounds of Faith and Medicine, and the Balm of Paradox. Christian Bioethics, 20 3: 330-358. doi:10.1093/cb/cbu028

  • Tyson, Paul (2014) 'Is there Life after Money? A summary, with comments', review of 'The Global Minotaur' by Yanis Varoufakis. Zadok Perspectives, 125 19-24.

  • Tyson, Paul (2014) Can Modern Science be Theologically Salvaged?. Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 2 1: 118-139.

  • Tyson, Paul (2013) Review of Christopher Ben Simpson, The Truth is the Way: Kierkegaard’s Theologia Viatorum. Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 1 3: 594-597.

  • Tyson, Paul (2013) Review of 'Hear The Ancient Wisdom' by Charles Ringma. Zadok Perspectives, 120 27-28.

  • Tyson, Paul (2012) Reasoning within the Good: An interview with David C. Schindler. Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 1 1 & 2: 322-332.

  • Tyson, Paul and Tan, Matthew John Paul (2012) Ecological Disaster and Jacques Ellul’s Theological Vision. Solidarity: The Journal of Catholic Social Thought and Secular Ethics, 2 1: .

  • Tyson, Paul (2012) Taming the Spirit. Pneuma, 34 2: 229-244. doi:10.1163/157007412X642416

  • Tyson, Paul (2009) Australian Universities in Transition: Moral, Pragmatic or Religious Drivers?. Australian eJournal of Theology, 13 1: .

  • Tyson, Paul (2009) Review of William T Cavanaugh Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire. Zadok Perspectives, 104 26-26.

  • Tyson, Paul (2008) A Spectral View of Contemporary Australian Youth Spiritualities, and Evangelical Youth Ministry. Australian eJournal of Theology, 12 1: .

  • Tyson, Paul (2008) Transcendence and Epistemology: exploring truth via post-secular Christian Platonism. Modern Theology, 24 2: 245-270. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0025.2007.00444.x

  • Tyson, Paul (2005) Western culture and the ‘Hypothesis of God’. Appraisal: The Journal of the Society of Post Critical and Personalist Studies, 5 4: 169-176.

  • Tyson, Paul (2002) Moral Economics. QETA: Journal of the Queensland Economics Teachers' Association, 13-28.